Residential , Inpatient Rehab Treatment | Second Chances Addiction Recovery Center in Louisiana

Healing Begins in a Residential Treatment Center

Residential, or inpatient treatment is the most common form of rehab or addiction recovery treatment, and for good reason. It is intensive, structured, and effective, keeping guests focused on their healing for the duration of the recovery program. This limits exposure to temptations or triggers for those struggling from addictions.

Spending time at a residential rehab facility gives those who are embarking on their journey of recovery a strong foundation in addiction or mental health therapy. This helps ensure that they take time to regain their physical and psychological strength after dealing with substance addictions (such as drugs and alcohol) or an unmanaged mental health disorder.

Residential Rehab Treatment at Second Chances

At Second Chances, our residential treatment program is focused on providing privacy, tranquility, and holistic healing in a space that is safe and supportive. True substance abuse recovery must occur in three areas: physical, emotional, and spiritual – our residential rehab treatment program will address all three key areas from the moment guests arrive.

Level of care in our Residential Treatment Center

The Second Chances residential treatment program does require a 30-day minimum stay, but a full 90-day stay is recommended and preferred. Each guest cabin includes a fully-functional kitchen, dining area, two bathrooms, up-to-date laundry appliances and a covered back patio. The campus contains a full workout facility, group meeting rooms, 24-hour medical care and more.

Guests staying at Second Chances receive only the highest level of care which includes these key elements:

  • Group Therapy

  • Individual Therapy

  • Educational Lectures

  • Women’s Issues Group

  • Men’s Issues Group

  • Spiritual Counseling

  • Full-time staff

  • Privacy and discretion

New Beginnings and Second Chances are Only a Call Away.

Second Chances Addiction Recovery Center is an adult, co-ed, inpatient treatment center nestled “off the beaten path” in Rayville, Louisiana. We specialize in providing rehabilitation and counseling programs to those struggling with addiction, substance abuse, or any other mental health issues. Guests of Second Chances receive the structure of a residential treatment facility, with the privacy and safety of a refuge as they embark on their journey of recovery. This helps ensure that they take time to regain their physical and psychological strength after dealing with addiction or an unmanaged mental health disorder.