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Frequently Asked Questions

What Can You Expect At Our Rehabilitation Program?

We understand that when choosing a rehabilitation program, you must feel comfortable with the environment, the process and the types of therapy programs as well as the staff. During your journey of recovery at Second Chances, you will receive the structure of a residential treatment facility, from within the privacy and safety of your own private refuge. This experience helps ensure that you have the time to regain your physical and psychological strength after dealing with whatever situation is bringing you to Second Chances.

Here Are The Most Common FAQ’s About Our Rehab

What Do You Treat?2020-07-15T12:35:53-05:00

Addiction, substance abuse, trauma, and any other underlying issues causing self-defeating behaviors including addiction, anxiety, depression, etc.

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Do You Take Insurance?2020-07-15T12:36:56-05:00

Yes, we take Medicaid and most private insurance. We can even call Medicaid to get it set up on your behalf.

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Do You Offer a Detox Program?2020-07-15T12:37:13-05:00

Yes. Detox is often the first step in the rehabilitation process for many of our guests. We are with you every step of the way.

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What is the Length of my Stay?2020-07-15T12:37:30-05:00

Our residential program is set up for 30-90 days. We personally meet with and assess your situation. Our counselors will then individually tailor the program to meet your needs and goals.

Will my Family be Involved in Treatment?2020-07-15T12:37:48-05:00

Yes, we believe family is imperative to your healing process. Our counselors will personalize each program, tailoring it to your needs and your family’s availability.

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Are Visitors Allowed on the Campus?2020-07-15T12:38:40-05:00

Yes, and will all our programs, visits are personalized to your needs. We have scheduled family visitation hours on the weekends. Then, once you are assigned a counselor, the counselor will provide you and your family with more details on visitation options.

Do You have a Workout Facility?2020-07-15T12:38:56-05:00

Yes, we will have a full gym that you will have access to daily.

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Will I be Allowed to make Phone Calls?2021-03-11T12:51:57-06:00

Yes. You will be able to make weekly outgoing calls to family members. 

What Can I Bring When I Come?2020-07-15T12:39:23-05:00

You are allowed to bring food that can be eaten during your stay, cigarettes, clothing, toiletries, limited electronics, and cash. As mentioned, you will be provided a personal locker to securely store your valuables.

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