After Rehab Care at Second Chances

We understand that true addiction and substance abuse recovery is, for most, a lifelong journey that requires not only helping our guests stay sober but giving them a guide to forming healthy relationships, healing old relationships, and becoming a responsible member of society again.

Once one has endured the storm of addiction and found healing in their pain, there will be debris along the way that needs cleaned and growing that needs to take place. Through learning to live a happy, responsible life again there will be struggles that they need help or advice working through. This is why we feel that aftercare is such an important part of the journey. We will continue to support guests even after they have left treatment to help ensure they are equipped for the best chance for success.

Our After Rehab Care Program is Free of Charge at Second Chances Rehab Center

Our After Rehab Care Program is Free of Charge

Our guests are all welcomed into this program, they simply need a willingness to continue accountability.

Our unique after rehab care program holds guests accountable for following their aftercare plan once discharged from Second Chances. Our healthcare professionals and counselors create a personalized after the care program that includes check-ins and touchpoints in a set rhythm to maintain accountability. For most, this will include attending one hour of group sessions once a week, at the center from 6pm-7pm.

We will require proof they are following their discharge recommendations from treatment which will include but not limited to making their AA/CR meetings, actively working with a sponsor, actively working their steps, finding a job, etc.

At this time, they will have the ability to check in with their counselor and discuss any issues that may come up after treatment that could cause problems or pose a threat to their recovery. As well as talk through problems they may have had that week and how they handled it; i.e. job problems (finding one or just daily work problems), relationship issues, emotional issues, or trauma. This time serves as an extension of continued counseling; and, as a bonus it is time spent with a professional and a group of peers who can relate to their journey.

New Beginnings and Second Chances are Only a Call Away.

Second Chances Addiction Recovery Center is an adult, co-ed, inpatient treatment center nestled “off the beaten path” in Rayville, Louisiana. We specialize in providing rehabilitation and counseling programs to those struggling with addiction, substance abuse, or any other mental health issues. Guests of Second Chances receive the structure of a residential treatment facility, with the privacy and safety of a refuge as they embark on their journey of recovery. This helps ensure that they take time to regain their physical and psychological strength after dealing with addiction or an unmanaged mental health disorder.