Family Therapy Program at Second Chances Addiction Recovery Center in Louisiana

Family Therapy Program at Second Chances

Second Chances is committed to strengthening and re-building family relationships for the individual in treatment as well as for the family members. This is why our Family Therapy Program is imperative to our guest’s healing during the rehab and substance abuse treatment journey.

Family unity is achieved through sessions that combine understanding and education with practical help and experience.

Family Therapy incorporates these key elements:

Guests staying at Second Chances receive only the highest level of care which includes these key elements:

  • Help the family understand the disease of addiction.

  • Educate the family on how they can be supportive during the rehab treatment process.

  • Prepare families with information that will guide them through all phases of treatment (including recovery).

  • Ensure that the entire family understands the difference between helping and enabling their family member’s addictions.

  • Engage in individual family phone conferences.

  • Hold therapy sessions during family weekend depending on the length of a guest’s stay.

Each guest’s addiction recovery program is unique to their situation. Therefore, the accompanying family therapy program is individualized to each guest and their family. Our program will also take into account the availability of all the family members to participate in the process.

Family participation is encouraged! This is why we have scheduled family visitation hours on the weekends. Once a guest is assigned to a counselor, the counselor will provide the guest’s loved ones with more details. Guests are also able to make outgoing calls to family members every afternoon.

New Beginnings and Second Chances are Only a Call Away.

Second Chances Addiction Recovery Center is an adult, co-ed, inpatient treatment center nestled “off the beaten path” in Rayville, Louisiana. We specialize in providing rehabilitation and counseling programs to those struggling with addiction, substance abuse, or any other mental health issues. Guests of Second Chances receive the structure of a residential treatment facility, with the privacy and safety of a refuge as they embark on their journey of recovery. This helps ensure that they take time to regain their physical and psychological strength after dealing with addiction or an unmanaged mental health disorder.